Women using rollers, wondering Ways to Use a Roller.

5 Ways to Use a Roller for Muscle Relaxation and Better Sleep

Stress and fatigue can cause painfully tight muscles. Trigger points, the points where the muscles are contracted the tightest, won’t go away unless they are released. If not released, this can cause ongoing pain as well as terrible bouts of insomnia. One way to release a trigger point is to use a roller. Here are five ways to use a roller to relax muscles and sleep better.

The Upper and Middle Back

While lying on the floor, place the roller beneath the shoulder blades. Move the hands under the head, supporting the neck. Roll back and forth on the roller, allowing it to ease the sore back muscles.

The Neck 

While lying on the floor, put the roller under the neck. With the roller acting as support, move the head horizontally back and forth to release the painful muscles in the neck.

The Shoulders

While kneeling, place the roller in front of the body. Put hands on the roller and move the whole upper body forward, keeping knees in place. This position can release pain in the shoulder and upper back area.

The Hamstrings

Sit with the right leg extended and resting on the foam roller. Raise the body up using the arms (keep arms positioned just behind the body for support). Roll the leg, from bottom to the knee area, to release pain and tension. Repeat on other side.

The Thighs

With body facing the ground, use the arms as support while resting the thighs on the foam roller. Lift gently upwards, making a pulling motion with arms and core muscles. This motion will bring direct contact with sore thigh muscles and will help address pain in this area effectively.

Better sleep is often a challenge for many people, but the simple fact is that improved sleep may begin with feeling better physically. The exercises listed above will allow you to soothe those painful areas so that you can finally get a peaceful night of rest.

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