It’s Chronic Pain Awareness Month and Alliance Has A Challenge

It Is Chronic Pain Awareness Month and SpinePains Has A Challenge
The ACPA (American Chronic Pain Association) has a challenge that we at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers want to issue to our patients and followers as well. The challenge is called “Give a Squat for Pain”, and the focus is to bring attention to those who live with pain every day. A “Wall Squat” is the challenge, and the goal is to hold it as long as possible because one thing you will feel is pain after holding it for a period of time. This gives a taste of what people that go through pain every day may experience.

Take The Challenge Be Involved

You can take the challenge in many different ways from just simply doing a wall squat, challenging friends and co-workers, or do it as a team. Don’t stop there though share on social media with the hashtag #GiveASquat4Pain and let the world know your acceptance of the challenge and awareness to the pain epidemic that affects so many people. The entire month of September is Pain Awareness Month on an international level, and the goal is to increase the understanding so there is more assistance to those that are affected by it.

At Alliance we have a team of highly trained medical providers and treatments that help people every day who deal with chronic pain. If you or someone you know could benefit from pain treatment, contact us today at 770.929.9033.

Ramon Espinal, MD, Recognized as ne of America’s Most Honored Professionals in 2017

Congratulations to Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ Ramon Espinal, MD, recognized as one of America’s Most Honored Professionals in 2017. The award was presented by the American Registry to recognize Dr. Espinal’s continuous individual achievements in the medical field.

“America’s Most Honored” is a recognition program created by American Registry. American Registry has partnered with a wide variety of organizations known for their effectiveness at recognizing excellence in businesses and professionals.

These organizations go through extensive research to gather peer review ratings, client reviews, and results of industry analyses, to uncover the best businesses and professionals in North America.

Congratulations Zwade Marshall, MD Emory 40 under Forty

Congratulations to Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ Zwade Marshall, MD, one of Emory University Alumni Association’s recently announced “40 under Forty”!

Go-to leaders in every field were carefully selected for Emory’s first-ever list of outstanding young alumni.   This premiere group was chosen from 140,000-plus Emory graduates for their “impressive track records and sparkling futures”.

Dr. Marshall, who serves as Alliance’s Director of Medical Outcomes, is a recognized leader in achieving functional outcomes for patients experiencing chronic pain. A graduate of Emory College and both the medical and business schools, Marshall says, “I entered Emory as a college freshman and immigrant from Guyana with goals but no clear direction on how to achieve them. I left Emory as a twenty-eight-year-old hyper-specialized professional with a distinct career path and a plan for execution.”

Already at the forefront of an emerging specialty, Marshall joined Alliance Spine and Pain in 2016 as an interventional pain specialist, and now studies clinical metrics to improve results for all patients.
“On behalf of the Emory Alumni Association, I am incredibly proud of the number of alumni doing great things early in their careers and in their lives”, said Sarah Cook ‘95, Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs.

Kudos, Dr. Marshall!