Dr. Patterson with logos of the awards.

Dr. Patterson Receives Community Appointments to Improve Healthcare

Congratulations to Dr. Patterson on two recent community accomplishments to help improve healthcare!

Dr. Pickens Patterson III was nominated for the Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy (GPLA) Class XII by the president of GSIPP and accepted into the program. The GPLA is a diverse mix of physicians from across the state. It was established to develop physician leaders and improve health care delivery for their patients, communities, and the medical profession. The year-long curriculum includes classes that address leadership development, conflict resolution, media relations, and advocacy. In addition, all participants design and complete a leadership project.

He was also appointed to Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority (FDHA) Board of Directors by Commissioner Marvin Arrington. The FDHA supports local healthcare needs by providing grants to community-based health organizations, hosting or sponsoring health events, and advocating for responsive healthcare policy for indigent citizens. Its board members are appointed by county commissioners in Dekalb and Fulton County. Often referred to as “the Grady board,” it makes important decisions with regard to the Grady Healthcare System and its employees.