Collage of a photo of Stephen Rosenbaum and the Lenz on Business logo.

Stephen Rosenbaum, CEO of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Appeared on “Lenz on Business” WSB Radio Show

On Saturday, January 18th, Stephen Rosenbaum, CEO of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers was the guest for Lenz on Business on 95.5 WSB and The weekly radio show speaks with Atlanta’s business leaders to explore their inspiring stories, lessons learned, and tips for growth and success. From big business executives to indie entrepreneurs, these guests not only share their practical secrets, but also unveil the personalities behind the careers.

On the January 18th show, Rosenbaum revealed an interesting perspective on the healthcare business, physician-owned healthcare, the current opioid crisis, and much more. As our practice’s CEO, he presides over the largest interventional pain management company in the southeast. “Lenz on Businessproducer Jon Waterhouse discussed with Rosenbaum the burgeoning interventional pain management field, how Alliance fills a need amidst the opioid crisis, the company’s business model, and other topics.

Listen to the informative interview here.