Grandma holding her granddaughter, happy to be without pain.

Get Back to What You Love with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers provides life-changing pain relief. Our best-in-class physicians help our patients live fuller, more functional, and fulfilling lives.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Our patient success series is intended to share incredible and inspiring stories of our patients overcoming pain. Keep reading to learn about a patient’s journey with pain management with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers. (This patient has chosen to stay anonymous.).

What Brought You to Alliance Spine and Pain Centers?

I was having back pain for several weeks, so I made an appointment with my primary care doctor. After being X-rayed, we found the source of the pain was arthritis in my back. Unfortunately, before that appointment, I tried to go down the stairs and my right leg fell out from underneath me. This fall caused me to fracture my foot on the left side. In a later orthopedic appointment, we found out that I had an additional fracture in my ankle. Between the pain from arthritis in my back and the foot fractures, this was a rough time for me.

With all that pain, my primary care doctor made me an appointment with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers for the arthritis pain in my back. Although the appointment was only two weeks away, I was in so much pain that my husband called Alliance and got me an earlier appointment.

It turns out nerve pain was going down my leg and I needed relief through injections. I got my first one at that appointment. I walked out immediately feeling better. I had two more injections over the following weeks. Things started to look up after the third injection.

Tell Us About the Alliance Physician You Worked With

Dr. David Neckman is awesome. He is the kindest and the most understanding doctor I have ever met. He couldn’t have been more thorough.

How Was Your Experience with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers?

My experience was good! I like the whole atmosphere at Alliance Pain and Spine Centers. When you make an appointment, let them know how much pain you are really feeling so they can get you in as quickly as possible.

What Lesson Do You Want Those Reading Your Story to Learn?

I should have spoken up more for myself. People in pain should voice their concerns so they can see a doctor to help them faster.

How Are You Doing Now?

Overall, I’m feeling great! I have no pain in my leg or back. I’ve also been doing physical therapy recommended by an internist and my daughter.

My husband has been so amazing helping me throughout the whole process. Now I get to enjoy painting again and spending time with my family, my daughter, two grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

If you or a loved one are having issues with pain management, the experts at Alliance Spine and Pain are here to help you get back to what you love. Give us a call at 770-929-9033 or schedule an appointment.