Telemedicine appointment with doctor on a laptop.

Alliance’s Procedures During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ first priority is the health and well-being of all of our patients. Our clinics and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are open for patient visits and implementing the following CDC recommended guidelines for in-office visits. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we are implementing new procedures to ensure everyone who visits our offices remains safe. TeleVisits on our Health & Online Wellness (healow™) mobile app are available per your physician’s discretion. 

Alliance’s Guidelines For In-Office Visits  

  1. Patients presenting with a newly developed cough within the last 30 days, difficulties breathing, a temperature over 100.4° or are not feeling well will be asked to postpone their appointment and contact their primary care provider (PCP) or, if circumstances dictate, go to the Emergency Room. Patients having already arrived with any of these symptoms will be asked to return home.
  2. Patients and employees will have their temperature taken upon entering the facility while patients will also be asked screening questions by the front desk.
  3. Patients will be asked that any accompanying responsible party, or parties, remain outside the facility and be available by phone.
  4. At the physician’s discretion, patients requiring a prescription who are unable to come in person can receive their refill via e-prescribe or a written prescription for a thirty (30) day supply to be picked up by a family member. The family member will need to produce his or her driver’s license with the family member’s information being documented in the patient’s chart.

If you have any questions about these procedures, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling (770) 929-9033.

Alliance’s New Telemedicine Services

We have taken specific precautions to ensure that our offices are clean and safe for in-office appointments, but our practice does offer telemedicine appointments with our TeleVisit Health & Online Wellness (healow™) mobile app per your physician’s discretion. If you do not have access to the app, you can start your televisit from your email directly on your smartphone. See details below. (This does require the patients to be web-enabled but doesn’t require the patients to sign-in on their portal.)

How Does TeleVisit Work?

Alliance’s Health & Online Wellness (healow™) mobile app features a telehealth service for our patients called “TeleVisit.”  This option offers patients remote access to their medical provider via technology such as a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The provider and patient are not physically present with each other but aims to provide the same level of quality care.

Installing the Healow Application

The following steps explain how to install the Healow application on an iOS or Android smartphone.

  1. Open App Store from your iPhone or Google Play from your Android phone.
  2. Type Healow app in the search box. Make sure you click the one developed by eClinicalWorks, LLC.
  3. Tap Get in the App Store or Install in Google Play. This installs the application to your phone.
  4. Tap OPEN – OR – Tap the Healow application from the launcher.

Initializing a TeleVisit Via Healow

The following steps describe how to initialize a TeleVisit from an iOS or Android smartphone.

  1. Open the Healow app, and tap GET STARTED.
  2. Accept the following in-phone notifications: Location, Camera, and Microphone.
  3. Enter the Practice Code: EIBCAA
  4. Enter the login credentials provided by the practice and tap Login.
  5. Accept the Term and Conditions for the Healow application.
  6. Verify the account by entering your Date of Birth.
  7. Create and confirm a 4-digit pin of your choice. (Remember your 4-digit PIN; you will need it the next time you log into the application.)
  8. On the wheel screen, tap APPOINTMENTS.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Start TeleVisit.
  10. Enter your vital signs and tap Submit Vitals. (You are checked in. Wait for your provider to connect.)
  11. Tap the red phone icon at the bottom of the screen to end the visit.

If you experience any technical problems or have questions about the TeleVisit process, first look at the TeleVisit help file at the bottom left on your Patient Portal. If you still need additional help, we offer free and live chat support that is accessible at the bottom of the TeleVisit help page.

If You Do Not Have Access to the Healow App

Effective immediately, patients will be able to start televisits from their email directly on their smartphones. That means we have taken out the dependency of the patient joining televisits from the Healow app. If the patients do not have the Healow app downloaded, once they get an email reminder for the televisit on their smartphone, they can click on “Join this telemedicine appointment directly” on their smartphone, the visit will be launched from the phone’s browser. This does require the patients to be web-enabled but doesn’t require the patients to sign-in on their portal. 

For unsupported browsers, patients will get a clear message of unsupported browsers and the ability to copy and start the visit on supported browsers for their respective devices.