Dr. Rosenfeld SpineJack Procedure

Dr. Rosenfeld Is First to Perform New Treatment in Metro Atlanta

Dr. David J. Rosenfeld performed the first SpineJack vertebral augmentation in metro Atlanta this past month! The stryker SpineJack is the first vertebral augmentation procedure to truly allow restoration of vertebral body height after a compression fracture. This new state-of-the-art procedure helps to relieve back pain and loss of mobility (due to pain). The patient for this procedure was treated with a 5mm implant.

Traditionally, osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture (VCF) treatment focused mainly on pain management, and overlooked reduction, fixation, and restoration due to the limits of the instrumentation. The new SpineJack system gives the physician more control of the procedure, restores the anatomy, and protects patients from adjacent level fractures. 

This news is another example of how Alliance is bringing new hope and real relief to our patients to help them return to fuller, more functional, and fulfilling lives. With innovative interventional pain treatments, our best-in-class physicians are leading the way to the future of pain relief.

Congratulations to Dr. Rosenfeld!