Alliance Spine Pain doctors at the Vertiflex event.

Alliance Hosts Vertiflex Patient Education Event in Canton

On August 6, 2020, Dr. Jordan L. Tate and Emily Cummins, APRN-BC from Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ Canton team hosted a Vertiflex Patient Education Event at this location. 

Vertiflex is a minimally invasive FDA approved procedure for patients living with pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. This event was an opportunity for patients to learn about the device and if they felt it was the right option for them. A “Patient Ambassador” provided her experience with how Dr. Tate helped improve her quality of life after the Vertiflex procedure.

Alliance is proud of Dr. Tate and her team for bringing new hope and real relief to our patients in the Canton community. With innovative interventional pain treatments, our best-in-class physicians are leading the way to the future of pain relief.

Learn more about the Vertiflex procedure here