X-ray of an Inspan Interspinous Fixation Device

Alliance Performs First Interspinous Fixation Device in the State

David J. Rosenfeld, MD

Dr. David J. Rosenfeld performed the first Inspan Interspinous Fixation Device in Georgia.

As the leaders of the future of pain relief, Alliance Spine and Pain Center is proud to offer groundbreaking pain management treatments. In March 2021, we continued to demonstrate our leadership in the interventional pain management field when Dr. David J. Rosenfeld implanted the first Inspan Interspinous Fixation Device​ in the state of Georgia. 

By treating the underlying problem causing pain, this new interspinous fixation technique is minimally invasive and can provide lasting relief. Inspan opens the spinal canal and the foramen to relieve nerve compression. Then, it decompresses and fixates the facet joints to immobilize them for the bony surfaces to fuse, providing additional nerve compression relief.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is excited to offer the Inspan procedures along with many other innovative, integrated, and evidence-based treatments. We are proud of Dr. David Rosenfeld’s efforts to help Alliance continue to offer advanced technology to help relieve our patients’ pain.

If you have any questions about the Inspan Procedure, Alliance Spine and Pain is here to help. Reach out to any of our pain care specialists by clicking here or by giving us a call at 770-929-9033.