Collage of Alliance patient, William Alan Truesdale

Patient Values the Personalized Care at Alliance

William Alan Truesdale’s Story 

When William Alan Truesdale was experiencing chronic pain in his back, neck, hip, and shoulder, he entrusted his health three years ago with Dr. Preetesh Patel at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers. The onset of his pain had occurred gradually over time.  Mr. Truesdale decided to undergo a variety of procedures under Dr. Patel’s care, including medial branch blocks and radiofrequency ablations in both his back and neck, as well as hip injections. The treatments and Dr. Patel’s care have improved this patient’s quality of life. Mr. Truesdale shares: 

“At my rather advanced age, I have dealt with multiple scores of physicians. Doctor Patel is at the very top of that very long list, insofar as my respect, admiration, appreciation, and complete professional trust are concerned. Beyond that, he’s a delight to deal with on a personal level.

 By any measure, he is an outstanding medical professional. As well, his “bedside manner” and the conspicuous degree to which he truly cares for the welfare of his patients are extraordinary. One readily senses that his caring for his patients is deeply personal, not simply professional or an aspect of the routine “doctor-patient relationship”.

I feel that, with him, I am in the very best medical care available anywhere and that one could imagine.”

Dr. Patel and Our Alliance Physicians 

Dr. Patel and the rest of the Alliance physicians specialize in providing compassionate, innovative care to their patients. Our physicians prioritize patient comfort and quality of life, and mutual trust between provider and patient. To learn more, call 770.929.9033 or schedule an appointment online.