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Alliance Spine and Pain Centers now offering groundbreaking spinal cord stimulation for painful diabetic neuropathy

HFX Solution is only system of its kind approved by FDA to treat condition

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, the largest interventional pain management company in the Southeast, continues its tradition of remaining at the forefront of technology and innovation by now offering the HFX Solution. It’s the only spinal cord stimulation system approved by the FDA to manage pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.

“Many of our patients’ pain issues are related to diabetes,” says Allen H. Hord, MD. “It can be challenging to pinpoint the right treatment. Having an FDA-approved option for painful diabetic neuropathy is a huge step forward, and we’re thrilled to share HFX with our patients.”

Painful diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage occurring in diabetics. It can cause debilitating shooting, burning, and pins-and-needles pain in the legs and feet. 

The HFX Solution treatment system involves a minimally-invasive implant procedure, allowing the patient to go home the same day. The spinal cord stimulation device then delivers mild electrical pulses to the nerves, interrupting the transmission of pain signals to the brain, which reduces pain. 

Many patients have tried anticonvulsants, opioids and other conventional treatments to manage their pain without success. The HFX Solution offers a non-pharmacologic option without the side effects of other treatments.

“Alliance Spine and Pain Centers focuses on the future of pain relief,” says Dr. Hord. “The HFX Solution is a fantastic tool that is certainly taking us in that direction.”

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