Dr. Hord Featured in an Article on About the HFX Solution Treatment System

On December 5, 2021, published an article regarding the announcement of our practice now offering the HFX Solution, a spinal cord stimulation system approved by the FDA to manage pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.

Dr. Allen H. Hord spoke on behalf of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers to share how having a FDA-approved option for painful diabetic neuropathy is a huge step forward to pinpoint the right treatment for our patients with diabetic pain issues. is a news and information resource for physicians and healthcare professionals in Atlanta. The site is a companion to ATLANTA Medicine and discusses medical treatments, overview of current healthcare issues faced by various medical specialties, medical technology, new doctor hires, practice acquisitions, healthcare events and practice management.

Read the’s article, “Alliance Spine & Pain Centers Offering FDA Approved Spinal Cord Stimulation System” here.