2021 Alliance Core Value Winners

Congratulations to the Recipients of Our 6th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards

This year embarked on our sixth year of recognizing the top performers in the company with the annual Alliance Core Values Awards. The recipients of each award embody our core values of above and beyond compassion, respect, integrity, excellence, and service in care. Each year, we receive strong nominations with encouraging stories about incredible people who do so much for this company. Five Alliance team members are awarded based on their performance’s alignment to one of our five core values. In addition, we honor a recipient of our Provider Award and a recipient of our Chairman’s Award for their embodiment of many or all of our Alliance Core Values.

We’re proud to announce this year’s recipients below for the 6th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards. Learn more about each recipient and why they were chosen for the award below!


Compassion Award - Sadie Jones

The recipient of the Compassion Award is someone who consistently demonstrates sympathy and concern for the misfortunes of others, along with a strong desire to help. This person can be described as kind, warm, sensitive, and determined to alleviate or reduce suffering. The Compassion Award winner shows these traits around both patients and co-workers.

This year, Alliance’s Charge Nurse in Carrollton, Sadie Jones, received this award. Sadie has been with Alliance for over a year.

Here’s why:

Sadie is so compassionate to her team and her patients. She is considerate of the feelings of others and shows respect for all the different opinions and backgrounds of her colleagues.

Sadie gives so much of herself by being kind and caring to those that are learning and has really taken some new medical assistants under her wing to mentor. We are often amazed at how much Sadie gives to bettering everyone around her and hope that she feels the compassion from her team who admires her tremendously.


Respect award - Jena Butler

The recipient of the Respect Award shows daily that they value their co-workers and patients by honoring their personal rights, opinions, and dignity. This respectful employee is willing to listen and learn from others. They are able to both lead and follow. The Respect Award winner is accessible to many because of their fair and open manner. The winner of the Respect Award treats others as they would like to be treated, regardless of whether or not the same views are shared.

This year, Alliance’s Clinic Lead in Cartersville, Jena Butler, won this award. Jena has been with Alliance for 10.5 years.

Here’s why:

“Jena is without a doubt the most respected member of our team. She has truly earned that privilege. Jena leads by example and recognizes that if you show respect, you earn respect. Jena takes pride in each and every interaction with patients and staff. Jena treats others as she would want to be treated. Jena consistently provides a level of exemplary service that makes her the cornerstone of the Cartersville clinic. She is always the one who knows the answers, and everyone values her input. She always resolves issues with such grace and kindness, which serves as a great example of how to interact with co-workers and patients.”




The recipient of the Integrity Award is one who always does the right thing, even when no one else is looking. This person is honest, ethical, and has strong moral principles. The Integrity winner is an employee who is reliable and whose actions consistently reflect their words. They are trusted and relied upon by co-workers and patients because they are trustworthy.

This year, Nancy Thompson, RN in Douglasville, received this award. Nancy has been with Alliance for five years.

Here’s why:

“Nancy is a very experienced nurse who is an integral part of the Douglasville ASC, which bleeds into the Carrollton office and throughout the other centers. Nancy always advocates for her patients and safety, which reassures them that they are our top priority.  Because Nancy is bursting at the seams with 29 years of OR nursing experience, she is a crucial resource to our centers and her knowledge is priceless. Nancy has solid integrity in all her work, which everyone who works with her always notices and is inspired by.


Excellence award - Jermarque Taylor-Manns

The recipient of the Excellence Award continually strives to surpass ordinary standards. This person performs all tasks at 100% and can frequently be found going above and beyond their necessary duties. The Excellence Award winner seeks to improve, whether it’s an office process or a solution for a patient. They set specific goals and take steps to achieve them. This person collaborates and innovates in the office and with patients.

This year, Alliance’s Administrative Assistant for Revenue Cycle and the Lenox Office, JerMarque Taylor-Manns won this award. JerMarque has been with Alliance for six years.

Here’s why:

JerMarque is the very best at the job he does. With a wide range of duties for running reports, being on the statement team, assisting and ordering, he wears many hats, but still has time to be a great example to the team he leads. There is never a time that he won’t stop to answer a question, act as a liason to his team’s director, and share his experience and advice. He truly is the best example of excellence and a very snapper dresser too!


Service Award - Alex Martin

The recipient of the Service Award understands that we are in business ultimately for one reason – to help patients overcome pain. The outstanding Service Award winner is someone who directly touches patients along with someone who serves in a capacity that supports the centers and ultimately, the patient. The Service winner continually seeks to understand the needs of those around them. This person is accountable, friendly, empathetic, customer-focused, consistent, and resourceful.

This year, Alliance’s Alex Martin, an Alliance Facility Maintenance Technician, received the Service Award. Alex has been with Alliance for five and half years.

Here’s why:

“Over the years of working with Alex, I have seen firsthand his commitment to our company by his dedicated actions to provide a quality service in the daily work he performs. Ultimately, his exemplary efforts benefit our patients, employees, and organization as a whole.

Any time you ask Alex for help, he is on it! Not only is he dependable, but he is present with such a respectful and positive attitude that working with him is an absolute pleasure. I have never once heard Alex complain or be negative about his work. In a world where it’s easy to find the wrong in just about anything, Alex chooses to see the bright side. There have been many times where I have heard employees and even myself state that “Alex came and saved the day” or “Alex took care of it.” When needs are identified, his response time is impeccable considering there are 20 various locations across the state and the requests are cumbersome. One would imagine the work he does and the distance involved would be challenging to accomplish all his tasks, but somehow Alex finds a way to be there and get it all done.

Our facilities functioning at top capacity is essential to our business to provide quality care to our patients. From a door working properly, to new equipment and sometimes even major maintenance issues that could potentially close an office, Alex is always there with a smile on his face and the can-do attitude that this organization is truly lucky to have.”


Provider Award - Pallavi Gupta, MD

The recipient of this award is the CRNA, mid-level, or physician at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers who most embodies all of our core values as described above. This person lives by these values, thus setting an example for others to do the same. Their behavior is consistent, inspirational, and observed by both patients and employees.

This year, Alliance physician, Dr. Pallavi Gupta, from our Austell and Dallas locations won this award. Dr. Gupta has been with Alliance for five years.

Here’s why:

“Dr. Gupta provides excellent care to her patients. She spends extra time with them and thoroughly reviews their medical history to establish the perfect plan of care for the best patient outcome. She makes procedures and surgeries look simple. Her patients have excellent pain relief. She is always patient with the staff and usually the last person to leave the office. She truly loves what she does and it shows every day.”


Chairman's Award - Samantha Fults

The Chairman’s Award is given to the employee who embodies all of the qualities of our Alliance Core Values, who achieves our goal of providing exceptional patient care, and is a consistently outstanding employee and colleague.

This year, Alliance’s Clinic lead at Gwinnett, Samantha Fults, was honored with this award. Samantha has been with Alliance for 10 years.

Here’s why:

“Samantha epitomizes how to approach one’s job as a consummate professional. She has an extraordinary level of knowledge and readily adapts herself to the unique characteristics of each of her providers.  A true team player over her ten years at Alliance, Samantha is always willing to jump in to help in any capacity in her region, in other regions & with company initiatives.

She is a very effective trainer and mentor with great admiration from all of her peers. Samantha is always direct in her communications, but respectful and constructive. She is one of the go-to champions on all things clinic and someone you wish you could clone.”

Congratulations again to the 2021 Alliance Core Values Award Winners! We are so proud to have you on our team and appreciate your hard work.