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Read testimonials about life-changing pain relief from real Alliance Spine and Pain Centers patients.

Patient Testimonail: Evelyn Ponton

Saying Goodbye to Neck Pain with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers: Patient Success Story

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers provide life-changing pain relief. Our best-in-class physicians help our patients live fuller, more functional, and fulfilling lives.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Our patient success series is intended to share incredible and inspiring stories of our patients overcoming pain. Keep reading to learn about 72-year-old Evelyn Ponton’s journey with pain management with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers.

What Brought You to Alliance Spine and Pain Centers?

I had surgery on my neck to repair vertebrae a few years ago. However, the relief was temporary, and it started hurting again.  My pain was severe, so my chiropractor recommended Alliance Spine and Pain Centers. I couldn’t even do simple physical therapy until I got some relief.

My treatment at Alliance began with Dr. S. Christopher Cable. About four months ago, he gave me cortisone injections, which really eased the pain.  I could finally move my neck from left to right. I previously had a hard time driving, but now that’s better too.

Currently, I am working with Dr. Cable on my lower back pain, a separate issue from the neck pain that originally brought me to Alliance. We are exploring the possibility of a spinal cord stimulator treatment.

Tell Us About the Alliance Physician You Worked With

Dr. Cable is a very easy doctor to talk to. I liked his manner and that he took his time when talking with me. He always answered every single one of my questions, regardless of how many I had.

How Was Your Experience with Alliance Spine and Pain Centers?

It’s been very good! The whole atmosphere is very relaxing. The staff at the Woodstock location are so pleasant. If you come in nervous, they put you right at ease. Also, I never had a problem making appointments.

What Lesson Do You Want Those Reading Your Story to Learn?

Don’t suffer from your pain! Call Dr. Cable’s office and talk to him to get relief.

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Alliance Assists Sandra Patterson with Back and Knee Pain

In 2013, 79-year-old Sandra Patterson fell off of a stool. That simple and common accident caused tremendous issues in Sandra’s life. Back issues, horrible pain, inability to walk long distances, and knee problems all became a part of her everyday life. Hoping to make a change, Sandra headed to the doctor’s office. However, she was initially told she was not a good candidate for surgery.

A year later, she met Dr. Eduardo Escorcia.

“I love Dr. Escorcia. I would follow him anywhere,” Sandra said. “He’s a psychic, really. He always knows what I need and when I need it.”

When Sandra met with Dr. Escorcia, he discovered that she had both lumbar spine issues as well as bilateral knee pain. The lumbar spine is in the lower back area, more specifically where the spine curves inward toward the abdomen. Immediately after the fall, Sandra experienced intense pain in that area. With her bilateral knee problems, her ability to move was restricted and she needed assistance.

The first steps Dr. Escorcia took to alleviate her pain was performing left and right genicular radiofrequency ablations, also known as RFA. The procedure made Sandra’s knee pain stop because it burned the nerves that cause the brain to send pain signals.

In addition, Dr. Escorcia gave Sandra two transforaminal epidural steroid injections (TFESI). These are injections of corticosteroids around irritated nerves in the spine. They lowered Sandra’s pain by reducing the inflammation in Sandra’s lumbar spine.

Sandra continues to visit Alliance Spine and Pain because the treatments turned her life around. She is able to walk, have lunch with her friends, and cook with her husband of 60 years. Sandra is ecstatic to have the mobility to keep up with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Sandra said, “Why be in pain? Go see Dr. Escorcia and Alliance Spine and Pain!”