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Best Exercises for Strengthening Your Back

Just like any muscle or part of your body, it’s important to strengthen your spine and back. Especially if you have issues with chronic low back pain or a recent injury in that area, exercising your spine increases stability,…
Professional nurse, a pain specialist, at the hospital bandaging the hand with a medical bandage for a woman patient.

What is a Pain Specialist?

There is often confusion about the role and definition of a pain management specialist in the media, the general population, and even amongst other medical professionals.  First, a pain management specialist physician is NOT…
Doctor holding the words, Regenerative Medicine, in hand (abstractly)

What is Regenerative Medicine?

The “chronic” in chronic pain speaks to a hard truth: medicine hasn’t been able to cure the underlying causes of many debilitating conditions. We’ve known certain things to be impossible. Damaged intervertebral discs can’t be repaired. Some ligament injuries won’t heal. Some joint damage is irreversible. Cartilage, once lost, will […]
Female doctor showing good test results to a male patient. Smiling medical professional sharing good test results with her patient, helping to lead the fight against the opioid crisis.

Leading the Fight Against the Opioid Crisis

A National Epidemic Recent revelations all over the news are making clear the true risks and costs to public health of prescription opioid painkillers. A study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services…
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Learn How To Take Control Of Your Chronic Pain Event

We look forward to seeing you at this Control Your Pain event sponsored by: If you suffer from chronic and debilitating pain, we look forward to seeing you at this free seminar to hear about new technologies and treatments…
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Treating Chronic Pain Without the Risk of Opioid Addiction

A recent USA TODAY article discusses a highly effective alternative to addictive opioids in the treatment of chronic pain. Click the link below for compelling news about the benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulators (SCA) Therapies,…
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Laser Spine Institute Closing And Alliance Is Here To Help

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is here to help patients displaced by the closing of The Laser Spine Institute.  To transfer care, patients should contact Alliance Spine and Pain Centers at 770.929.9033 for their…
2019 North American Neuromodulation Society - 22nd Annual Meeting (January 17–20, 2019 | Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, NV)

Exciting News for Jordan Tate, MD, MPH and Alliance!

Exciting news for Jordan Tate, MD, MPH and Alliance! Dr. Tate’s recent pain study was selected as a featured presentation at the 2019 NANS Annual Meeting (North American Neuromodulation Society). Dr. Tate will present results…
Atlanta Top Doctors 2018

Alliance’s Top Docs 2018

Congratulations to four Alliance Spine and Pain Centers providers for being named to Atlanta Magazine’s 2018 list of “Top Doctors”. Dr. Allen Hord, Dr. David Gale, Dr. David Rosenfeld and Dr. Michael Schaufele were…

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