Person clutching knee in pain, sitting in chair, wondering living with knee pain.

Living With Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints from people as they get older. However, knee pain can occur at any age and can be caused by a wide range of conditions and injured. Chronic knee pain is a difficult condition to…
Woman with wrist pain sitting in front of a computer, wondering how to reduce hand and wrist pain at work.

How to Reduce Hand and Wrist Pain at Work

An ounce of prevention goes a long way when it comes to hand and wrist pain associated with work. Repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, a disorder that leads to pain and weakness in the hand and wrist, are more…
Woman receiving electrode therapy.

Electrode Therapy: The History and Benefits

Can using electrodes help you deal with chronic pain? Electrical energy is a tool with many medical benefits including pain management. In 1856, a French neurologist discovered a method of using alternating current to trigger…
Elderly couple exercising with resistance bands, knowing how to stretch with resistance bands.

How to Stretch With Resistance Bands

Stretching is how you stay flexible no matter what your situation. Whether your back aches because you sit all day long or you are working to heal an injured joint. Stretching opens the muscle up to its full extent, increasing…
Young woman with shoulder pain

Hot vs. Cold: When Should You Use Each to Treat Pain

Should you ice that painful joint or put the heating pad on it? It’s a common question that comes up. Chances are you’ve tried both and gotten a certain amount of relief from each, but they offer different mechanical actions.…
Women using rollers, wondering Ways to Use a Roller.

5 Ways to Use a Roller for Muscle Relaxation and Better Sleep

Stress and fatigue can cause painfully tight muscles. Trigger points, the points where the muscles are contracted the tightest, won’t go away unless they are released. If not released, this can cause ongoing pain as well as…
An elderly man swimming, wondering about the swimming exercises for a sore back here.

5 Swimming Exercises for a Sore Back

Swimming and water exercises can help people with acute or chronic back pain in their fitness journey without placing stress on the back. Swimming is low impact, does not involve weights, and the water provides active resistance,…
Lady putting on running shoes for an exercise outside.

Cardio Training Can Help Manage Your Pain

Pain can be caused by a number of problems and conditions, and many of them can be eased with regular cardio exercise. For many conditions, such as arthritis and other joint pain, stiffness is often a major contributor to the…
Seniors doing yoga, one of the examples of 5 Exercises Seniors Can Do to Stay Loose.

5 Exercises Seniors Can Do to Stay Loose

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to staying fit, but remaining active is critical if you want to avoid painful, age-related illnesses like osteoarthritis. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to feel energetic,…

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