Three men standing in an operating room at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

Dr. David Rosenfeld of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Teaches Course in Groundbreaking DRG Procedure

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers remains at the forefront of pain management by demonstrating the latest in best practices. Dr. David Rosenfeld recently did just that while teaching a course in dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy…
Man in a blue shirt suffering from disc herniation

What to Know About Disc Herniation, Also Known As “Slipped Discs”

Disc herniation, also known as “slipped discs” is one of the most common causes of serious lower back and leg pain. Yet as common as they are, herniated discs are not so commonly understood. How does a disc herniation happen?…
Scoliosis Spine Curve Anatomy, Posture Correction. Chiropractic treatment, Back pain relief.

Learn All About Scoliosis

Though an important part of your body and your life, the spine can often be taken for granted — until it develops or causes problems.  In order to more fully understand and appreciate the spine, we’re taking a closer look…
Preparing for yoga poses for pain management at home with laptop and fitness mat.

Helpful Yoga Poses for Pain Management

Yoga has increasingly become established as an effective method for relieving some physical stress and pain. At Alliance Spine & Pain Centers, we are dedicated to the pursuit of innovative solutions that give you real relief…
X-ray of an Inspan Interspinous Fixation Device

Alliance Performs First Interspinous Fixation Device in the State

As the leaders of the future of pain relief, Alliance Spine and Pain Center is proud to offer groundbreaking pain management treatments. In March 2021, we continued to demonstrate our leadership in the interventional pain…
The Future of Pain Relief Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Robot graphic

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Brings the Future of Pain Relief to Dacula

Patients can experience the latest technology and innovation in pain management by visiting the new Dacula location of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, the largest interventional pain management company in the Southeast. Conveniently…
Senior woman with osteoporosis exercising.

Exercises That Help with Osteoporosis

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, about 54 million Americans have low bone mass or osteoporosis, and approximately one in two women (and up to one in four men age 50 and older) will break a bone as a result of…
Photo of Dr. Rosenfeld (right) and Intracept rep (left) holding an Intracept RF Probe.

Alliance Advances Pain Management Care with the Intracept Procedure

At Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, we’re leading the way to the future of pain relief. The Intracept Procedure is one of the innovative, integrated, and evidence-based treatments offered by our practice, and demonstrates Alliance’s…
Photo collage of Dr. Nok Keomahathai on the left and Dr. David Rosenfeld on the right.

New Groundbreaking Treatment Options at Alliance

At Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, we provide life-changing pain relief for chronic pain patients through innovative, individualized treatments. We are proud to share that both Dr. “Nok” Keomahathai and Dr. David J. Rosenfeld…

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