The Future of Pain Relief in Peachtree City

Now Open!

The Future of Pain Relief is in Peachtree City.

Alliance’s convenient, new location offers our patients the latest technology and innovation in pain management.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is leading the way to real relief in this neighborhood.

Our new location is at 1975 Highway 54 West, Suite 100 in Peachtree City.

Our Pain Relief Services

  • Best-in-class interventional pain management.
  • Carefully controlled and judicious use of medicines.
  • Individualized treatments featuring a variety of options tailored specifically for the patient.
  • Tracking clinical outcomes and developing evidence-based best practices.
  • The largest pain management practice in the Southeast.
  • In-network with virtually all insurance.

Meet Our Peachtree City Team

The new Peachtree City location will offer an array of interventional pain management procedures with Drs. Rhee W. Miller & David J. Rosenfeld, and nurse practitioner Kelly McDowell.

Learn more about our providers in Peachtree City and their excitement to bring pain relief to the community.

Rhee W. Miller, MD

Rhee W. Miller, MD

 “Our goal is to provide real relief from chronic pain to the community of Peachtree City,” says Dr. Miller. “We want our patients to have a more functional and fulfilling life.”

David J. Rosenfeld, MD

David J. Rosenfeld, MD

 “Furthering our practice’s mission in Peachtree City is certainly a privilege,” says Dr. Rosenfeld. “Our breadth of services allows us to have an impact on patients with a variety of needs.”

Kelly McDowell, MSN, FNP-C

Kelly McDowell, MSN, FNP-C

 “We want to bring new hope and relief to those in chronic pain. We also want to ease the burdens placed on their families, caregivers, and others in this community impacted by their suffering.”

Patient Success Stories

Alliance loves to share incredible and inspiring stories of our patients overcoming pain. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Here are a few patients’ journeys with pain management working with our Peachtree Center physicians.

Billy, a patient of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

“Dr. Rosenfeld is super! I don’t know how Alliance managed to find all of these staff members and physicians who are so nice and so understanding. I know they have suggested and done absolutely everything possible. Throughout the whole process, they have been so positive. I couldn’t ask for a team to be any better. We’re all on a first-name basis.”

“I had pain that was a constant 9 out of 10 and felt like a “couch potato” prior to a surgery I had with Alliance. I trusted Dr. Rosenfeld 100%, so when he suggested SI fusion, I was totally on board. SI Fusion is a minimally invasive, same day, procedure for sacroiliac joint disruptions. I had a right-side SI fusion in January of this year. It went so well that Dr. Rosenfeld elected to do my left side in February. Since both surgeries, I can now confidently rate my pain a 0 to 1 out of 10.”

Clifford, a patient of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers
Cynthia, a patient of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

“I knew I needed help because I reached a point with my pain where it was too hard to walk, do household chores, and play outdoors with my grandkids. When I came to Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, Dr. Rhee W. Miller, MD suggested a Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator for my neck and upper back pain. I received it, and now I’m feeling much better!”

Our Peachtree City Team Featured in the News

Alliance physicians often take the time to speak to local media outlets about the causes of chronic pain and how its treatment is always evolving.
Learn more about our Peachtree City team’s features in the news.