Spine and Pain Management Augusta

Spine and Pain Management AugustaSpine and Pain Management Augusta residents can depend on is right here at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers.  Alliance Spine and Pain’s Augusta clinic is proud to offer the most advanced minimally invasive care for a variety of underlying conditions that can cause severe spine pain. As the home of the Master’s Augusta is known for golf but all that bending and twisting can result in spinal injuries. It is our goal at Alliance Spine and Pain to make sure that Augusta is famous not only for golf but also for the latest and greatest in spine pain treatments. There are many spine conditions that can cause pain and you can learn more here.

So what is regenerative spinal treatment? Regenerative spinal care is a group of medical procedures that harness the natural healing ability of your body to repair damage and relieve pain caused by some of the conditions we have listed above. With these medical advances, we have an entirely new approach to treating spine pain and the conditions that cause it. Because these protocols use your body’s natural healing powers they are less likely to have side effects than traditional, more invasive, medical techniques. More than 80% of our patients using regenerative medicine report experiencing significant pain relief! Some of the specific methods used at our Augusta location include:

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Platlet Rich Plasma is made from your own blood and then refined to have a much higher percentage of growth factors than regular blood. Once injected into the site of the injury or damage it can accelerate healing and recovery.


A molecule produced in your body that can be injected and works to remove damaging, cartilage destroying chemicals which cause Osteoarthritis (OA). Our patented process concentrates this serum up to six fold and will help repair and protect damaged cartilage.


Bone Marrow Aspirated Concentrate uses bone marrow taken from your own body and re-injected into the site of joint damage. The entire procedure usually takes under an hour and requires minimal downtime and less risk of infection than standard medical treatments.

At Alliance Spine and Pain’s Augusta clinic we want to put the latest advances in regenerative medicine to work for you! Our Augusta location address is: 1367 Interstate Parkway. Augusta, GA 30909, our phone number is: 770-929-9033. We can also be reached by fax at 770-929-9092. Call us and make an appointment today! Relief from your crippling spine pain could be just a visit away!