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Superion Vertiflex

What Is Superion Vertiflex?

Superion Vertiflex is a minimally invasive front-line treatment option for stenosis patients offered earlier in the algorithm of care to offer patients an opportunity to live a more functional life.

Superion Vertiflex is an indirect decompression system for patients with lumbar stenosis and neurogenic claudication. Neurogenic claudication is pain, numbness, tingling, heavy feeling in the lower back, buttocks, legs, and thighs. A typical patient would have pain when standing/walking (extension) and get relief when they sit down and lean over (flexion).

The procedure takes about 30 min, is minimally invasive(2 cm incision) and done under local anesthesia. Another description of Superion Vertiflex would be an Interspinous Spacer that blocks extension.

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