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Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ physician, Dr. ​Scott Masson was ​the ​featured​ guest​ ​for “The Weekly Check-Up” on News/Talk WSB Radio.

Dr. Masson Appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up”

On Sunday, ​November 21​, Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ physician, Dr. ​Scott Masson was ​the ​featured​ guest​ ​for “The Weekly Check-Up” on News/Talk WSB Radio. The radio show addresses a wide range of topics about health with selected medical providers.

​The show opened with Dr. Masson sharing his path to becoming a physician, which started in high school with a combined passion for science and helping people. After working in anesthesiology, Dr. Masson transitioned to interventional pain management where he enjoys the connection and the excitement a patient gets from effective therapy.

In ​his ​in-depth interview with the show’s host Dr. Bruce Feinberg​, Dr. Masson gave an overview of the many different types and sources of pain. He spoke of the various processes pain management physicians take to figure out the right treatment plan for each patient. Dr. Masson provided insights on pain symptoms to be aware of and share with a medical provider to help diagnosis the issue and establish an effective treatment plan.

One of the conditions Dr. Masson highlighted on the show is diabetic neuropathy. With diabetic cases on the rise, ​ Alliance has seen an increase in patients experiencing pain from their diabetes. ​Dr. Masson​ explained how treatment options for diabetic pain conditions are expanding, and the practice has a new FDA​ treatment for diabetic neuropathy available that patients are experiencing favorable results.

Listen to the informative interview ​with Dr. Masson here.


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Future of Pain Relief Comes to Peachtree City

Patients can experience the latest technology and innovation in pain management by visiting the new Peachtree City location of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, the largest interventional pain management company in the Southeast. Conveniently located near several local medical practices, Alliance Spine and Pain Centers will perform minimally invasive procedures in a state-of-the-art facility.

As with all Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, the new location (1975 Highway 54 West, Suite 100, Peachtree City) will specialize in interventional treatments. The practice leads the way with a balanced approach to real relief through innovative, integrated, evidence-based treatments. This gives patients the opportunity to live fuller, more functional, and fulfilling lives. The goal is to greatly reduce opioids in patient solutions, which in turn can help shrink the opioid epidemic.  

“Furthering our practice’s mission in Peachtree City is certainly a privilege,” says Dr. David Rosenfeld. “Our breadth of services allows us to have an impact on patients with a variety of needs.”

The new Peachtree City location will offer an array of interventional pain management procedures with Drs. Rhee W. Miller and David Rosenfeld, and nurse practitioner Kelly McDowell. Their individualized treatments feature a variety of options tailored specifically for the patient. The staff sets groundbreaking quality standards in the field, carefully tracks clinical outcomes, and develops evidence-based best practices. Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is in-network with virtually all insurance payors. 

Appointments can be made by calling 770-929-9033 or scheduling online.

Photos of the winners for the Core Awards Alliance 2020


For the last five years, Alliance has recognized the top performers in the company. These team members embody our core values of above and beyond compassion, respect, integrity, excellence, and service in care. Each year, we receive strong nominations with encouraging stories about incredible people who do so much for this company. Five individual recipients are awarded based on their performance’s alignment to one of our five core values. In addition, we honor a recipient of our Provider Award and a recipient of our Chairman’s Award for their embodiment of many or all of our Alliance Core Values.

We’re proud to announce this year’s recipients below for the 5th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards. Learn more about each recipient and why they were chosen for the award below! 


Photo of Alliance Staff Robin Cade with the Compassion Award

The recipient of the Compassion award is someone who consistently demonstrates sympathy and concern for the misfortunes of others, along with a strong desire to help. This person can be described as kind, warm, sensitive, and determined to alleviate or reduce suffering. The Compassion Award winner shows these traits around both patients and co-workers.

This year, Alliance’s RN- Charge Nurse in Dallas, Robin Cade, received this award. 

Here’s why:

“While COVID-19 changed most of our day-to-days, Robin got right to work preparing our team, her staff, and making us stronger than ever. She puts faith into others and believes that building a team just makes us all better. 

She’s someone who always leads with compassion. Whether that be for the patient, her team, and even her family. She puts everything she has into her job and always strives to do more instead of the bare minimum.”


Photo of Alliance Staff Otis with Respect Award

The recipient of the Respect award shows daily that they value their co-workers and patients by honoring their personal rights, opinions, and dignity. This respectful employee is willing to listen and learn from others. They are able to both lead and follow. The Respect Award winner is accessible to many because of their fair and open manner. The winner of the Respect Award treats others as they would like to be treated, regardless of whether or not the same views are shared.

This year, Alliance’s Senior Business Development Manager in our South/ Southwest territory, Otis Van Petties, Jr, won this award.

Here’s why:

“He treats everyone with respect, from the front desk to the physicians to our CEO. He is a constant presence in his offices and doesn’t hesitate to help out with any aspect of the practice.  He’s an extremely hard worker and goes out of his way for almost anybody.”


Photo of Alliance Staff Christina Cross with the Integrity Award

The recipient of the Integrity award is one who always does the right thing, even when no one else is looking. This person is honest, ethical, and has strong moral principles. The Integrity winner is an employee who is reliable and whose actions consistently reflect their words. They are trusted and relied upon by co-workers and patients because they are trustworthy. 

This year, Christina Cross, Alliance’s Patient Advocate for the Revenue Cycle Team in Lenox, received this award.

Here’s why:

“Christina has an impressive work ethic, moral grounding, and immense knowledge base. Not once has she shown hesitation or reluctance to help others 100%, but she always does so with kindness and patience – even in the instance she has to deliver less than favorable news. She is honest, compassionate and takes pride in doing her job efficiently and accurately.”


Photo of Alliance Staff Chrissy with Excellence Award

The recipient of the Excellence Award continually strives to surpass ordinary standards. This person performs all tasks at 100% and can frequently be found going above and beyond their necessary duties. The Excellence Award winner seeks to improve, whether it’s an office process or a solution for a patient. They set specific goals and take steps to achieve them. This person collaborates and innovates in the office and with patients. 

This year, Alliance’s Front Office Manager in Cartersville and Dallas, Chrissy Harris, won this award.

Here’s why:

“She’s someone everyone loves, trusts and respects. She takes her job seriously, works hard, but also has fun doing it. She strives to be involved with her staff and develop relationships with each one. When people interact with her and value her opinions, it validates why she is in her role. 

She takes on every task with a smile on her face and you never have to worry about it not getting done; even better, you know it will be done with perfection.”


Photo of Alliance staff Terasa with the Service Award.

The recipient of the Service award understands that we are in business ultimately for one reason – to help patients overcome pain. The outstanding Service award winner is someone who directly touches patients along with someone who serves in a capacity that supports the centers and ultimately, the patient. The Service winner continually seeks to understand the needs of those around them. This person is accountable, friendly, empathetic, customer-focused, consistent, and resourceful.

This year, Alliance’s RN – Charge Nurse in Covington, Teresa Hoff, received the Service Award.

Here’s why:

“Teresa sacrifices her own personal time to come into the office early, on weekends, days the offices are closed, and always stays late to ensure tasks are completed to make processes run efficiently and take the workload off staff, especially when we may be working with less than a full crew. She has been a nurse, an MA, front desk staff, copy and Keurig repair woman, housekeeper, and a friend.”


Photo of Alliance Staff Marcy with the Provider Award

The recipient of this award is the CRNA, mid-level, or physician at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers who most embodies all of our core values as described above. This person lives by these values, thus setting an example for others to do the same. Their behavior is consistent, inspirational, and observed by both patients and employees.

This year, Alliance’s CRNA Manager, Marcy Steinberg, won this award.

Here’s why:

“With over a decade at Alliance, Marcy is the longest tenured anesthetist. She has helped shape the anesthesia practice and is the leader of infection control for Alliance. She manages our anesthesiology team and shows a great amount of care for the employees. The care is also reflected in her outstanding patient care.”


Photo of Alliance staff Tangelia with the Chairman's Award

The Chairman’s Award is given to the employee who embodies all of the qualities of our Alliance Core Values, who achieves our goal of providing exceptional patient care, and is a consistently outstanding employee and colleague.

This year, Alliance’s Lead CMA/Corporate Trainer, Tangelia Washington, was honored with this award.

Here’s why:

“She has been there every step of the way with helping other employees strive for excellence. She is there any time you need her to be available when it comes to overcoming challenges. She gives love and understanding to those hurting and in need. 

Her skills do not end with her office work, she also projects a warm and kind attitude. She resolves conflicts and handles difficult tasks with patience and admirable tact. She goes out of her way to make sure her team is sharp and continues to grow in a very positive way.”

Headshot of Dr. Rosenfeld.

Dr. David Rosenfeld Featured on the Atlanta Edition of “American Health Front” with an Alliance Patient

Recently, Alliance’s Dr. David Rosenfeld and one of his patients appeared on WXIA’s Atlanta edition of “American Health Front.” The program is dedicated to educating the public on healthcare technologies. Dr. Rosenfeld explained Spinal Cord Stimulation and Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint) Fusion, and the patient shared his positive experience from receiving this treatment.

“We seek out the causes of the pain. Then, we stop the pain with innovative, individualized treatment,” says Dr. Rosenfeld. “Two of the most effective treatments that we use are spinal cord stimulation and sacroiliac joint fusion.”

Learn more about these treatments by watching this story on “American Health Front.   

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers logo on a white background

Alliance Hosted Two September Webinars

At Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, we invest our time in educating our patients on advancements in technology that may help reduce or eliminate chronic low back and/or leg pain. We want patients to have a full understanding of our treatment options so they can make the best decisions for their body.

Based on public health guidance to limit gatherings due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Alliance recently hosted two webinars in September. Here the recaps of both events:

These events educated patients about these treatments so they could decide if these options are right for them. Please contact Alliance Spine and Pain Center to see when our next webinar is.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers logo on a white background

Alliance Hosts Vertiflex Patient Education Event in Canton

On August 6, 2020, Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ Canton team hosted a Vertiflex Patient Education Event at this location. 

Vertiflex is a minimally invasive FDA approved procedure for patients living with pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. This event was an opportunity for patients to learn about the device and if they felt it was the right option for them. A “Patient Ambassador” provided her experience with how her physician helped improve her quality of life after the Vertiflex procedure.

Alliance is proud of our Canton team for bringing new hope and real relief to our patients in their local community. With innovative interventional pain treatments, our best-in-class physicians are leading the way to the future of pain relief.

Learn more about the Vertiflex procedure here

Photo of Dr. Beata Grochowska

Dr. Grochowska is Now Offering Medtronic DTM in Atlanta / Piedmont

Alliance is excited to announce that Dr. Beata Grochowska has started offering Medtronic DTM™ (Differential Target Multiplexed) spinal cord stimulation (SCS) at our practices Piedmont/ Atlanta location. It is a Spinal Cord Stimulation waveform to help treat patients with chronic, intractable low back pain. A Spinal Cord Stimulator is a minimally invasive implantable device to help the patient better control his or her pain and the DTM™ waveform is the first SCS therapy intentionally developed from preclinical science. The goal of this therapy is to help reduce patients’ chronic pain with 50% or greater relief and to improve daily activities. Learn more about this treatment here

Alliance is proud of Dr. Grochowska and her team for bringing new hope and real relief to our patients in the Buckhead area. With innovative interventional pain treatments, our best-in-class physicians are leading the way to the future of pain relief. 

Dr. Gale (headshot) featured in The Daily Tribune News

Dr. Gale Featured in the Daily Tribune News

On July 25, 2020, The Daily Tribune News featured Dr. David W. Gale as their “Bartow Bio,” highlighting his recent honor of being selected one of Atlanta magazine’s Top Docs.  

Dr. Gale practices out of Alliance’s Cartersville and Marietta locations. As Bartow County’s only daily newspaper, the feature in The Daily Tribune News shared with the local community Dr. Gale’s professional background and accomplishments. Dr. Gale is one of four Alliance physicians to receive this honor for the publication in 2020. He has been awarded the Top Doctors recognition in previous years.

Read  The Daily Tribune News “Bartow Bio” on Dr. Gale to learn more

Alliance Spine and Pain Center’s team showing up the first to provide the Nalu implant for a patient in the state of Georgia, lead by Dr. David J. Rosenfeld.

Dr. Rosenfeld Provides First Nalu Implant in Georgia

Alliance Spine and Pain Center’s Dr. David J. Rosenfeld was the first to provide the Nalu implant for a patient in the state of Georgia. Traditional neuromodulation SCS systems required for pain management can be bulky, require more invasive surgeries, and additional procedures for battery replacements. The Nalu implant offers the latest, most advanced technologies to provide a tiny, less invasive option for pain relief without having to compromise your lifestyle or clinical benefits.

Check out the photos we captured below to celebrate the medical accomplishment.

Photos of the Alliance Spine and Pain Center physicians with the Nalu implant.

Xray of the Nalu implant in the spine.

Headshots of the Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ doctors that received 2020 Top Docs honors.

Four Alliance Spine and Pain Physicians Receive Top Doctors Honors

Four physicians from Alliance Spine and Pain Centers —the largest interventional pain management company in the Southeast— rank among metro Atlanta’s Top Doctors in Atlanta magazine’s July issue. More than half of the physicians in the publication’s pain medicine category come from this one practice. 

Those physicians are: Drs. David Gale, Allen Hord, and David Rosenfeld. Dr. Michael Schaufele appears in the physical medicine and rehabilitation category. All four of these physicians have been awarded the Top Doctors recognition in previous years.

Atlanta magazine uses a database of top doctors compiled by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., an established healthcare research company based in New York, to assist in its annual effort. Doctors are nominated for consideration through both a nationwide survey and a peer nomination process. Castle Connolly’s physician-led team of researchers then select the Top Doctors through a rigorous screening process that includes an evaluation of educational and professional experience. This year the publication honors 1,002 of these physicians representing the following counties: Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, Gwinnett, Hall, Forsyth, Cherokee, and Rockdale counties.

Stephen Rosenbaum, CEO of Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, said the practice is proud to have these award-winning physicians on the Alliance team.

“To best handle chronic pain management, a reputable physician is key,” said Rosenbaum, CEO. “We consider our entire roster of best-in-class physicians leading the way for the future of pain relief. And they will continue providing real relief from chronic pain with groundbreaking quality standards that go beyond pain reduction to restoring functionality, independence, and quality of life.”

Dr. David Gale practices at the Marietta and Cartersville locations. Dr. Gale received his medical degree at Ohio State University. He completed his residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center Residency and fellowship at University of Texas at San Antonio. Dr. Gale is board certified in both anesthesiology and pain medicine, and he has an ABA subspecialty certificate in pain management. He belongs to the following professional organizations: American Society of Anesthesiologists; American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians; Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists; Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (executive director); International Spine Intervention Society; and North American Spine Society. Dr. Gale is a previous Top Doctor honoree.

Dr. Allen H. Hord practices at the Atlanta and Brookhaven locations. He has more than 30 years of pain management experience in the Atlanta area. Dr. Hord is a pioneer in the interventional pain management field, recognized by peers and patients as a chronic pain expert, educator, researcher, administrator, and philanthropist. He’s an expert in treatments including epidural injections, facet and medial branch blocks, radiofrequency ablation, sympathetic blocks, and spinal cord stimulation. He’s board certified in anesthesiology and was one of the first doctors in the U.S. to become board certified in pain medicine. Dr. Hord was Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ chief medical officer from 2013-2018, and he’s currently chief medical officer for the practice. His philanthropy includes serving a decade on the board of directors of Flying Doctors America, organizing medical missions in Asia, South America, and Haiti. Since 2010, Dr. Hord has been recognized annually as a Top Doctor.

Dr. David J. Rosenfeld practices at the Atlanta and Covington locations. He has more than 25 years of expertise and innovation in pain management. He is recognized as a pioneer in Georgia for interventional pain procedures. He received his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Rosenfeld is fellowship trained, and board certified in both anesthesiology and pain medicine. He has published several studies on pain medicine and anesthesiology. Dr. Rosenfeld belongs to the following associations: American Society of Anesthesiologists; American Academy of Pain Medicine; and American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. Since 2010, Dr. Rosenfeld has been recognized annually as a Top Doctor.

Dr. Michael K. Schaufele practices at the Marietta and Woodstock locations. He has more than 25 years of experience in non-surgical spine care and pain management. He was involved as an investigator in several pivotal clinical trials for spinal cord stimulation, vertebral augmentation, basivertebral nerve ablation, and various spinal injection procedures. Dr. Schaufele implements the wide spectrum of interventional pain procedures, including regenerative medicine injections to decrease his patients’ pain, improve function, and minimize dependence on opioids. He received his doctor of medicine degree from the Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Schaufele completed his physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at Harvard Medical School, and fellowship training at the Spine Center in Munich, Germany. As a former associate professor at Emory University, he served as residency program director and helped train numerous residents and fellows in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and pain medicine. Dr. Schaufele is a certified physician executive and served as chief medical officer for Alliance Spine and Pain Centers from 2018-2020. Dr. Schaufele is a commercially rated pilot and FAA aviation medical examiner, who flies medical missions for patients in need of medical transportation for Angel Flight. Since 2012, Dr. Schaufele has been recognized annually as an Atlanta Top Doctor.

Appointments can be made by calling 770-929-9033.