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A woman receiving chemotherapy with the view of her IV and IV machine in the hospital.

Exercises That Reduce Pain from Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a necessary treatment for those suffering from certain types of cancer. While it can help you to get healthy, chemotherapy has many serious side effects. Some of the worst effects are various aches and pains. While you will want to talk to your doctor or a pain specialist about the best way to deal with this pain, you can do a few things yourself to help matters, too. Consider these five exercises that reduce pain from chemotherapy.

  • Strength Training – Did you know that strength training is an excellent choice for chemotherapy patients? When you think about it, it makes sense. Strength training improves muscle tone and can prevent loss of muscle that occurs while going through strenuous treatment.
  • Yoga or Tai Chi – Both of these forms of exercise are great choices for anyone in a chemo program. The best thing is that either can be started slowly and can improve stretching and balance—both things that may be useful as you’re fighting cancer.
  • Stretching with Bands – Using resistance bands to stretch is a good way to get the benefits of strength training without the risk of heavy lifting. It is easy to adjust your exercises to make sure you aren’t pushing too hard, and you’ll build muscle that can help reduce your overall pain.
  • Swimming – Swimming or water aerobics are great choices for a chemo patient. It is easy to move in the water, and you’ll get exercise without feeling heavy fatigue. Even if you find it hard to move on the ground, you will see that moving in water may not be so bad since the water reduces some of the strain your own weight puts on your joints. In addition, there is less worry about falling or balance issues than there is with exercise on ground.
  • Walk it Off – It seems like walking is a good exercise for nearly anyone—cancer patients are no exception. Get moving by walking, and you may feel a sense of relief. At the very least, regular walking can help you sleep better and give you a boost of endorphins!

As you can see, there are many ways that you can get moving, and hopefully, help reduce aches and pains even when you are undergoing cancer treatment. While these exercises are usually safe if you start slow, make sure you chat about your exercise goals with your doctor before you begin. Our pain management specialists, nurses, and physician assistants work together to make sure that a care plan tailored for your unique needs can be created if you have more questions about exercises that reduce pain from chemotherapy.