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Woman holding hip, in pain, wondering how to keep your hips from locking up.

Tight Hips: How To Keep Your Hips From Locking Up

When your hips lock up, it can be intensely painful and have a severe impact on your ability to move normally. Your range of motion may be so significantly decreased that you feel unable to walk or stand normally, and you definitely can’t exercise or go about your daily routine. The most important thing to do when you start to experience this problem is to see a doctor who can determine why it is happening. An accurate diagnosis is key to preventing further complications in the future. Your doctor may recommend several different methods to keep your hips from locking up, including the following.

Rest is Best

Overuse of the hip flexor muscles and trauma to the hip or lower back are some of the most common reasons that hips may lock up. When the muscles are damaged in this way, they will need some rest time in order to prevent hip lock up and other issues. Don’t continue an exercise routine if you’re in severe pain. Be sure that you rest after each strenuous exercise routine to give your muscles time to recover.

Reduce the Inflammation

Serious inflammation in the hip area is often involved with hip lock up, but can usually be reduced in natural ways. Ice packs, covered by a towel and applied directly to the inflamed hip area can help reduce inflammation. There are also medications that can reduce inflammation, both over the counter and prescription. Be sure to talk with your doctor about which medications are the best option for you.

Always Warm Up

Before doing any exercise, warming up is essential in the prevention of hip lock up. Before you begin your routine, walk at a moderate pace for at least five minutes. Once your muscles feel slightly warm, you’re better prepared to tackle your exercise routine. Your doctor or physical therapist may also teach you some exercises that are created specifically for strengthening the hip joint area so that future lock ups can be prevented.

Here at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment. Our pain management specialists, nurses, and physician assistants work together to make sure that a care plan tailored for your unique needs can be created if you need assistance to keep your hips from locking up. Schedule an appointment with us today!