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Photo of Dr. Rosenfeld (right) and Intracept rep (left) holding an Intracept RF Probe.

Alliance Advances Pain Management Care with the Intracept Procedure

At Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, we’re leading the way to the future of pain relief. The Intracept Procedure is one of the innovative, integrated, and evidence-based treatments offered by our practice, and demonstrates Alliance’s leadership in the interventional pain management field.

Michael Schaufele headshot

Dr. Schaufele was one of the first physicians in the country to perform the Intracept Procedure.

Over six years ago, Alliance’s Dr. Michael Schaufele was one of the first physicians in the country to perform the Intracept Procedure during its early FDA trials. He also co-authored the original paper showing the effectiveness of the procedure.

Once the clinical trials gained FDA approval, pain management facilities could offer the Intracept Procedure as a treatment option. Alliance physician, Dr. David J. Rosenfeld trained this past year to perform it and last month he executed Alliance’s first Intracept Procedure since its FDA approval.

Relievant Intracept Procedure graphic

Diagram of the Relievant Intracept procedure

The procedure targets the basivertebral nerve for the relief of low back pain. The procedure is a treatment option for patients who have not responded to conservative therapy, and its benefits include Intracept being minimally invasive, outpatient, implant-free, it preserves the structure of the spine, and it provides durable relief of chronic low back pain. Learn more about Intracept Procedure here.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is excited to offer this treatment option. If you have any questions about the Intracept Procedure, Alliance Spine and Pain is here to help. Reach out to any of our pain care specialists by clicking here or by giving us a call at 770-929-9033.