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Dr. Gale Appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up”

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers’ physician, Dr. David Gale was  featured on “The Weekly Check-Up” on News/Talk WSB Radio on Sunday, October 4th with another Alliance physician. The radio show addresses a wide range of topics about health. Selected medical providers are interviewed, and then caller questions are fielded by both the featured guests and the show’s host.

On the October 4th show, the Alliance doctors shared with the audience how they chose to practice pain management medicine and why they enjoy helping their patients find pain relief. With Dr. Gale’s education in anesthesiology, he brings an unique perspective of helping his patients find pain relief. Dr. Gale shared him commitment to advancing the field of interventional pain relief, and serves as Board of Director of the Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

The weekly show took calls from listeners interested in learning more about their specific pain issues and treatment. The Alliance team spoke to the callers on their perspectives of effective treatment options and advised on when you should speak with your primary care physician about seeing a pain management specialist.

Dr. Rosenfeld SpineJack Procedure

Dr. Rosenfeld Is First to Perform New Treatment in Metro Atlanta

Dr. David J. Rosenfeld performed the first SpineJack vertebral augmentation in metro Atlanta this past month! The stryker SpineJack is the first vertebral augmentation procedure to truly allow restoration of vertebral body height after a compression fracture. This new state-of-the-art procedure helps to relieve back pain and loss of mobility (due to pain). The patient for this procedure was treated with a 5mm implant.

Traditionally, osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture (VCF) treatment focused mainly on pain management, and overlooked reduction, fixation, and restoration due to the limits of the instrumentation. The new SpineJack system gives the physician more control of the procedure, restores the anatomy, and protects patients from adjacent level fractures. 

This news is another example of how Alliance is bringing new hope and real relief to our patients to help them return to fuller, more functional, and fulfilling lives. With innovative interventional pain treatments, our best-in-class physicians are leading the way to the future of pain relief.

Congratulations to Dr. Rosenfeld!

2019 Core Value Award Winners

Alliance Proudly Announces the Recipients of the 4th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards

For the last three years, Alliance has recognized the top performers in the company. These team members embody our core values of above and beyond compassion, service, respect, integrity, excellence, and service in care. Each year, we receive strong nominations with encouraging stories about incredible people who do so much for this company. Five individual recipients are awarded based on their performance’s alignment to one of our five core values. In addition, we honor a recipient of our Provider Award and a recipient of our Chairman’s Award for their embodiment of many or all of our Alliance Core Values.

We’re proud to announce this year’s recipients below for the 4th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards.

Compassion Award

The recipient of the Compassion award is someone who consistently demonstrates sympathy and concern for the misfortunes of others, along with a strong desire to help. This person can be described as kind, warm, sensitive, and determined to alleviate or reduce suffering. The Compassion Award winner shows these traits around both patients and co-workers.

This year, Alliance’s Front Office Coordinator in Marietta, Kammie Harrell, received this award.

Kammie gives her time, love, and friendship to her team selflessly with “no judgement, only love and acceptance.” She brightens her patients’ days with hugs and a few loving, caring words. Her peers are inspired by how Kammie sees the good in every situation and every person.

Respect Award

The recipient of the Respect award shows daily that they value their co-workers and patients by honoring their personal rights, opinions, and dignity. This respectful employee is willing to listen and learn from others. They are able to both lead and follow. The Respect Award winner is accessible to many because of their fair and open manner. The winner of the Respect Award treats others as they would like to be treated, regardless of whether or not the same views are shared.

This year, Alliance’s Quality Education Admin, Lindsay Loew, won this award.

Lindsay is described as the perfect example of what the Respect award represents. “You can see the value she places on every person she has contact with including her co-workers, patients, peers or superiors. Lindsay treats them all the same. Lindsay consistently honors each individual’s personal rights, opinions and dignity.”

Integrity Award

The recipient of the Integrity award is one who always does the right thing, even when no one else is looking. This person is honest, ethical, and has strong moral principles. The Integrity winner is an employee who is reliable and whose actions consistently reflect their words. They are trusted and relied upon by co-workers and patients because they are trustworthy. 

This year, Alliance’s Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Marietta and Cartersville, Alicia Craddock, received this award.

Alicia is trusted by all staff because “she is straightforward. Her word is good. If she says she is going to do something, she will do it. You can rely on her to carry out the deed.” Dr. Schaufele states, “If I were to go to war, I want her on my team. You know she will have your back. No questions asked.”

Excellence Award

The recipient of the Excellence Award continually strives to surpass ordinary standards. This person performs all tasks at 100% and can frequently be found going above and beyond their necessary duties. The Excellence Award winner seeks to improve, whether it’s an office process or a solution for a patient. They set specific goals and takes steps to achieve them. This person collaborates and innovates in the office and with patients. 

This year, Alliance’s Precertification Manager, Kanetha Johnson, won this award.

Kanetha is a huge asset to her department. She is clearly an outstanding manager, professional, and a visionary for Alliance Spine and Pain as a whole. Her team shares that “she pushes us to the limit, she sees each of our potentials, and she makes no excuses for what we are capable of achieving on an everyday basis.”

Service Award

The recipient of the Service award understands that we are in business ultimately for one reason – to help patients overcome pain. The outstanding Service award winner is someone who directly touches patients along with someone who serves in a capacity that supports the centers and ultimately, the patient. The Service winner continually seeks to understand the needs of those around them. This person is accountable, friendly, empathetic, customer-focused, consistent, and resourceful.

This year, Alliance’s Referral Coordinator, Kayla Oellerich, received the Service Award.

Kayla is described as one who “leads with integrity by being a role model that truly cares for her team as well as patients. She constantly thinks of the needs of others as her top priority.  Kayla has no problem going above and beyond.” Kayla does an outstanding job not only in her department, but also in emerging technologies with Dr. Elkon.

Provider Award

The recipient of this award is the CRNA, mid-level, or physician at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers who most embodies all of our core values as described above. This person lives by these values, thus setting an example for others to do the same. Their behavior is consistent, inspirational, and observed by both patients and employees.

This year, Alliance’s physician in Roswell, Gwinnett, and Johns Creek, Dr. Preetesh Patel, won this award.

Dr. Patel has made his mark of excellence in his honesty and openness with both his staff and patients. “He takes an interest in every aspect of a patient’s care and they speak so highly of him. Dr. Patel fosters an environment for his staff and patients with detailed care and compassion.”

Chairman’s Award

The Chairman’s Award is given to the employee who embodies all of the qualities of our Alliance Core Values, who achieves our goal of providing exceptional patient care, and is a consistently outstanding employee and colleague.

This year, Alliance’s physician in Augusta, Dr. Shahnaz Bari, was honored with this award.

Dr. Bari embodies each of the five core values. “She built her practice around these Alliance Core Values before she was even part of Alliance, which was one of the very attractive things about partnering with her as Alliance grew to Augusta. She exhibits these values every day and they are a part of the culture in Augusta at every position.      

Congratulations to all of the 4th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards winners! We appreciate each and every one of you and all of the people who continuously go above and beyond for our company and our patients.

The word ”PAIN“ written by doctor.

Treating Chronic Pain Without the Risk of Opioid Addiction

A recent USA TODAY article discusses a highly effective alternative to addictive opioids in the treatment of chronic pain. Click the link below for compelling news about the benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulators (SCA) Therapies, including patient stories about how SCS have their lives back.

At Alliance Spine and Pain Centers you will find a staff of professionals that are here to aid you in pain management. Treating chronic pian is not easy and we have alternatives here that may help you out with our regenerative medicine approach. This article that is in the USA Today has yet another way for people to avoid opioid addiction due to dealing with pain on a daily basis, and our goal is to offer the state of the art procedures and more to help cure the problem that some may have to live with for a lifetime.

Doctor holding out his hand.

Laser Spine Institute Closing And Alliance Is Here To Help

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is here to help patients displaced by the closing of The Laser Spine Institute.  To transfer care, patients should contact Alliance Spine and Pain Centers at 770.929.9033 for their free chart review. 

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers provides patients with life-changing pain relief using non-surgical treatments.  Alliance providers utilize various therapies and minimally invasive procedures to find the root of a patient’s pain – to find lasting or permanent solutions.  Focusing on innovation and first-class patient care, Alliance’s goal is to allow patients to return to normal activities, an active lifestyle, and the highest quality of life possible.

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The Growing Opioid Epidemic

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers wants to bring attention to this article in which the industry is making some changes on how to handle pain management due to the growing Opioid Epidemic that is growing day by day. The fact is chronic pain which is normally considered after 12 or more weeks of the pain is happening and can dramatically affect a persons everday life.

This is where Opioid’s can come into play, but through research alternatives are coming to the market to give the patient more than one option to treat their chronic pain. Check out the article below on some of the new advancements and awareness to the situation at hand.

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Pain Solution Treatment Centers Joined with Alliance

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers is delighted to announce that Pain Solutions Treatment Centers has joined our practice.  This exciting union means that Alliance now offers patients even more convenient, innovative, and expert care.

Now the largest interventional pain management practice in the Southeast, Alliance offers patients the choice of visiting any of 22 locations across Atlanta, Northwest Georgia, and Augusta. Find a location near you, request an appointment online, or call our customer care center to find out how Alliance Spine and Pain Centers will help you get your life back.

Doctor and smiling senior patient shaking hands in the office before visiting, healthcare and assistance concept

ISPM and CPM Merge to offer the Most Convenient Pain Care!

Interventional Spine and Pain Management and Comprehensive Pain Management have combined to give patients the greatest choice in metro Atlanta for receiving care for their painful conditions. This exciting move will enable us to deliver better care to you by helping us leverage resources and expertise, and will result in improved customer service and outcomes for you and your family members.

The change will be transparent. You will maintain your present doctor and your insurance will still be accepted. You will go to your current office location and will see all of the familiar faces you’ve become accustomed to. Contact phone numbers will stay the same, as will office schedules and hours. The excellent care you have become accustomed to will continue, with improvements to come!

To facilitate the change, you may be required to complete new paperwork so we can register you under the new practice. Please excuse this minor inconvenience that will make you feel like a “new patient” all over again, but know that it is necessary in order to still be able to communicate with and bill your insurance provider for the services we give. Comprehensive Pain Management is now “an ISPM company,” as such, Comprehensive Pain Management patients should expect to receive correspondence from Interventional Spine and Pain Management.

As we work to deliver our best practices from both offices to all of our patients, you will begin to see improvements to your experience and care. Your feedback during this process is welcomed, and as always, your health and well being is our number one concern. We are excited about this union, and as we work to continue to maximize the positives from our combination, know that you will remain our top priority!