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Welcome to Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

proud-member-of-piedmont-clinic-300x300At Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, our team of 21 board certified physicians in pain management are inspired by a simple question: “Is this the treatment I would want for my family if they were in pain?”

The answer to this question guides our decisions each and every day and we strive to never forget that our practice exists to meet the needs of our patients.

Chronic pain is a condition that robs people of their livelihood.  Patients living with and suffering from painful conditions are faced with physical and emotional challenges that often block their ability to participate in and enjoy life.  At ASPC we recognize these challenges and focus on helping patients regain their livelihood, dignity and productivity.

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Congratulations to four Alliance Spine and Pain Centers providers for being named to Atlanta Magazine’s 2017 list of “Top Doctors”. Dr. Allen HordDr. David GaleDr. David Rosenfeld and Dr. Michael Schaufele were recognized in Atlanta Magazine’s annual list published in their July issue.

Drs. Hord, Gale and Rosenfeld were selected for their contributions in Pain Medicine, and Dr. Schaufele for his contributions in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In fact, this Alliance team makes up over 25% of the Top Doctors selected in these categories. The team’s mission is to offer innovative, non-invasive solutions to patients in chronic pain.



Personalized patient care is what sets Alliance Spine and Pain apart. When you visit one of our twenty locations you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff  is the Alliance Spine and Pain experience.

Interventional Treatments

We cover a wide variety of medical treatments


All of our procedures are done while patients are under sedation to ensure that each patient is fully comfortable.  Our goal is to give patients increased mobility, relieve them of pain, and help them avoid back surgery. We wish to improve each patient’s lifestyle, overall wellness and certainly, their quality of life.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is made from a sample of your own blood (about 30-60 ml). The process concentrates the platelets found in the blood sample.

Heal Faster With PRP

The PRP contains high amounts of growth factors your body uses to heal injuries. Clinical data has shown that concentrated growth factors enhance and accelerate your body’s normal healing process.

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