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If you struggle with back pain due to spinal compression fractures, see the experts at Alliance Spine & Pain. The skilled specialists offer vertebroplasty procedures to restore your spine’s structure and ease any discomfort. Call one of the offices in Austell, Augusta, Woodstock, Atlanta, Marietta, Conyers, Lawrenceville, Jasper, Cartersville, Dallas, Suwanee, Covington, Carrollton, Canton, Sandy Springs, Douglasville, Peachtree City, or Roswell, Georgia, or use the online booking feature today.

Vertebroplasty Q & A

What is vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty is a minor procedure of the spine that repairs spinal compression fractures using injections of cement. It’s a highly effective pain-reducing treatment that can ease back pain, restore mobility, and reduce the risk of further discomfort. A common cause of spinal compression fractures is osteoporosis.

Alliance Spine & Pain also offers kyphoplasty, which uses a balloon-like device to restore a damaged bone’s structure before injecting cement into it.

Is vertebroplasty right for me?

Your Alliance Spine & Pain provider determines if you’re a candidate for vertebroplasty after discussing your symptoms, reviewing your medical history, and completing a physical exam. They may order bone density screenings, X-rays, or other imaging procedures.

If you have a spinal compression fracture and severe or persistent pain because of it, vertebroplasty may be the solution for you.

How should I prepare for vertebroplasty?

Follow your pain specaialist’s instructions to prepare for vertebroplasty. They may ask you to stop taking certain medications and avoid food and drink for several hours before your scheduled procedure. 

Wear comfortable clothing to your surgery appointment. While you can usually go home the same day as a vertebroplasty, make arrangements for a friend or family member to drive you home afterward.

What happens during a vertebroplasty?

Before the procedure, your specialist gives you anesthesia to help you feel relaxed or fall asleep. They then administer numbing shots while you lie facedown. Using imaging guidance, they place a needle into a spinal bone and inject cement, which usually hardens within 20 minutes. Your procedure often lasts about an hour.

What should I expect after vertebroplasty?

You can often go home on the same day as a vertebroplasty procedure, but it’s important to get plenty of rest. Expect temporary soreness at the injection site for a few days, and ice the treatment area as needed to maximize comfort.

Avoid strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting until your specialist gives you the okay, and attend follow-up visits at Alliance Spine & Pain. 

Schedule an appointment at Alliance Spine & Pain by phone or book one online today if you suspect a spinal compression fracture to learn if a vertebroplasty is right for you.