nurse working with senior patient experiencing shoulder pain

The Link Between Osteoporosis & Arthritis

Osteoporosis and arthritis are two conditions that can both affect your bones. While their causes, symptoms, and treatments are often different, they do share an important link, as having certain types of arthritis may make you…
Adrienne Simon-Bundy

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Employee Spotlight: Adrienne Simon-Bundy

At Alliance, our employees provide incredible care for our patients and for each other. Adrienne Simon-Bundy is an example of one of our team members whose exceptional commitment and effort help our patients live fuller, more…
alliance castle connelly 2022 top docs list

The Atlantan Recognize Alliance Spine and Pain Physicians Among Atlanta’s Top Doctors

Four physicians from Alliance Spine and Pain Centers —the largest interventional pain management company in the Southeast— rank among metro Atlanta’s Top Doctors in The Atlantan magazine’s May issue. Alliance Spine…
Person talking to doctor

How To Talk About Pain with Your Doctor

Living with chronic pain is an ongoing, daily stressor in itself. But it can also cause psychological and emotional stress that adds insult to injury — literally. Finding solutions with your doctor and pain specialists needn’t…
krystle Badie

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Employee Spotlight: Krystle Badie

Alliance takes great pride that its team strives to provide incredible care to its patients and each other. Employees like Krystle Badie demonstrate our exceptional commitment in helping our patients with chronic pain live fuller,…
woman sitting with legs crossed enjoying the smell of her coffee

Stress Relief Tips for Chronic Pain

Stress and chronic pain are often close cousins. When you experience physical discomfort, it’s natural to feel emotional stress too, but even this normal stress can accelerate pain, resulting in a cycle that makes things worse…
Michelle Jones

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers Employee Spotlight: Michelle Jones

At Alliance, our employees provide incredible care for our patients and for each other. We are so proud of team members like Michelle Jones, who show exceptional commitment and effort towards our patients and practice. In this…
smoked salmon pizza

Five Recipes to Reduce Pain

We’re ever on the lookout for new ways to treat and reduce chronic pain — including physical exercises, cutting-edge technologies, and the connection between diet and inflammatory pain. Sharing inspiring and delightful recipes…
lady holding her lower back in pain

When Should You See a Pain Specialist

While most people deal with pain in some capacity during the course of their lives, it can be difficult to know when it is time to talk to a professional about it. In a 2016 study, more than 1 in 5 adults were reported to have…

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